Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Municipality Library Promotes Education

As part of the read to lead campaign, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Municipality Library Unit hosted the reading and spelling competition to promote the love of reading through the promotion of reading clubs to all primary schools under ward 1. This is aimed at improving learners’ performance in languages both (iSizulu and English).
Spelling bees and reading not only provide a valuable educational experience for the participating learners, but also allow them to engage in healthy competition. Other benefits derived from this fun activity include team building, improved grammar, building a competitive spirit, increased knowledge of the origin of words, developing cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure, and most importantly, this event help to boost a child’s confidence level as they gain self-assurance through learning to speak in public.
“It is important that our learners have the opportunity to learn and compete in a supportive environment and gain skills such as improved memory and the art of presenting in public, Our literacy programme aims to help primary school learners achieve competency at reading and spelling levels, The long-term goals are improved matric pass rates and learners better prepared for tertiary education and later employment” said Mayor Msomi.
The event was supported and attended by ward councillor Sikhumbuzo Mlibeni who is also the portfolio chairperson of Community Services Department in the municipality, parents, principals, teachers, friends and family. Each winner was awarded with a trophy, school bag and busket full of goodies. Working together to build better communities.