Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Municipality Acquired a Fire Engine

The procurement of the fire engine is earmarked at ensuring adequate and sufficient equipment to deal with fires within the area of jurisdiction of the municipality. Mostly structural fires that are experienced on regular basis which to a certain extent are life threatening have to be dealt with effectively in order to save lives and property. The fire engine will therefore play a very big role in extinguishing such fires. Furthermore, conducting drills using such fire engine will also assist the public and business establishment on how to evacuate building in cases of emergencies. A we practice more, the easier it becomes to evacuate effectively during a real emergency. Currently the status of the fire section in terms of equipment and officials is as follows:, Chief Fire Officer and two fire fighters were appointed. There is one fire engine and two fire skid units. The municipality is currently executing the fire services in partnership with rural metro whilst building capacity internally to ensure a full compliment of the the fire service in the future. The fire engine will be of great assistance to the municipality from now onwards.